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J.R.D. Corporation
The history of mankind has been constantly influenced by the discovery of new materials and new applications for present ones. Since the start of the 20th century, the chemical industry has developed at a rapid pace and is now regarded, as one of the worlds most technically advanced and promising field.

JRD Corporation is a respected name as a Chemical Distribution and trading company in India. JRD corporation founded in 1980 as a 100% independent Strategic Business Unit of a DOSHI Group of Companies a leading business house in India having their base in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai and having an establishment of industrially most grown western part of India.

The company is very proud of having many Exclusive alliances with major International brand of CHEMICALS, SPADES, RUBBER CHEMICALS, MONOMERS, PLASTICIZER, ANTIOXIDANTS, RAW MATERIAL FOR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND MANY PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS IN INDIA WITH THIS ALLIANCE. We can assure an uninterrupted product availability of a world class Quality at very competitive pricing anywhere in India.

To meet the needs of hundred of industries who manufacture pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber, rubber chemicals, Resins and other chemicals in bulk. JRD Stocks and sale various products through their distribution channel and network of sub dealers, agents and brokers all over India.

This helps our customers to standardize their production and offer a constant quality product to their customers in a market.

JRD is a part of Doshi Group of companies having a rich experience in the field of chemical trading for more than 55 years. Started in 1945 their activity in the field by importing and distribution of various chemicals at Mumbai a commercial capital of India today the group has offices in, Ahemedabad, Jaipur, Chennai & Delhi.

Through out the existence of group the company have diversified and expanded in to various activities other than chemical trading such as in the field of water treatment, plywood and laminates etc. JRD Corporation continued their services in the field of chemical trading, selling and distributing their products all over India.

Right from the beginning, we believed that innovation is vital for creating a substanciable competitive advantage in our business. We therefore consciously developed competencies in the market & new process of management, these efforts paid us rich dividend not only of being a leading trading house in India but gave us a name of a Dependable group.

JRD has brought together an unparalleled team of sub dealers to develop most efficient system if warehousing and distribution of various chemicals & products throughout the nation. The future of our company lies with our unmatched capability of sourcing a high quality but low cost product made it available ex-stock in India and distribution to the End Customers with highly efficient logistics & product chain management. This is done with a common goal in mind “TO SERVE OUR CUSTOMER AND HELP THEM TO CATER TO THEIR NEEDS & REGARDLESS THE SIZE OF THEIR ORDER”.

High quality and latest products from international companies at competitive prices.
Avoidance of hasswels ofsourcing, bulk buying, importing, customs clearence, and heavy interest loss om surplus inventory.
Making product available even in small quantities with minimum lead-time at your convenience.

Every strong company does as much as it can provide its customers with a product that will beat the competition. One way of showing this strength is through infrastructure & management. We feel that the customer will be driven towards the above two & those not having the above will vanish from the market. Altogether as a matter of fact several companies require good infrastructure of the trading houses to cater them. Thatís why we invest in making the infrastructure & company management to make the customer confident about us.

Both way at JRD whether itís a relation with our principal or it is with our dealers & agents we believe in one to one relationship. From our years of experience we have learnt that this is the only way to prosper and grow together. At JRD it is unlike many trading companies who try to sale anything and everything we have differentiated and followed a path of exclusive relationship. We feel this is the only way we can give full justice to the product and business.

This helps us in investing our resources on recruitment of Quality Manpower training them, invest in advertising take part in trade show, getting approvals of products and many other brand building activities and needless to mention this yield results for allÖ i.e. to our principal, our client and to JRD Corporation also.

With almost 55 years of experience knowing the market and customers well, JRD is proud of its network of Exclusive dealers & agents in major city and segment in India. JRD has a major stock points i.e. at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chennai and Delhi and maintain a substantial inventory to offer fastest delivery of products round the clock.

The mission of the JRD Corporation is to be solid progressive force in the field of trading of Chemical & other products by developing strong customer, dealer and principal relationship by providing the highest quality products and services at a competitive price foe a clean, safe and efficient work environment.

It is also our mission to build working partnership with our principals and customer. Our goal is to help and make them more competitive and successful.

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